Monday, March 26, 2007

The Christian perspective?

An interesting article, "Conservative wants to set Wikipedia right", discusses Conservapedia, the latest wiki in town.

Conservapedia is for those who find Wikipedia to be biased towards a more liberal, anti-Christian and anti-American stance. It keeps a list of alledged Wikipedia biases, including the use of B.C.E./C.E versus the more Christian use of B.C./A.D. and the fact that the editors of Wikipedia are proportionally six times more liberal then the American population. Some of their more popular pages include ones on the theory of evolution and dinosaurs. Interestingly, George W. Bush made it into the top ten (number 9), but Jesus doesn't (number 11).

Long live freedom of speech!

Source: thanks for the links Sarah


Anonymous said...

'A conservative Christian perspective' I would argure... :)

FLiF said...

Yes, you are quite right!