Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Progressives head to the Alberta Library Conference

The Alberta Library Conference happens later this week. The conference theme is “Cultivating our Future: Seeds for Success,” and the program includes a variety of sessions/themes that relate to issues of intellectual freedom and social responsibility. The environment, alternative materials, and services to diverse communities and excluded populations: all of these will receive some attention at this year’s conference.

Here are some of the sessions that, we think, bring together libraries and the library and information profession with outreach movements, social change, and IFSR issues. And if you need a reminder of what those issues are, please see the post linked here.

Session B1 Thinking Critically About Sustainable Development
Presenter: Keith Seel

B7 Connecting with New Canadians: Growing Library Services and Programs for Culturally Diverse Populations
Presenters: Shannon Vossepoel and Tamara Van Horne

B11 Dollars and Sense: The Marriage of Economic Success and the Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector
Presenters: Karen Lynch and Russ Dahms

C6 Perspectives on Aboriginal Publishing: A Look at the Aboriginal Publishing Industry from an Aboriginal Viewpoint
Presenters: Larry Loyie and Constance Brissenden

F5 Public Libraries as Community Places
Presenter: Francine May

F9 Growing a Prison Library: The Greater Edmonton Library Association Experience
Presenters: Kirsten Wurmann, Valla McLean, Liz Dennett, Allison Sivak

F11 Lorne McRae Intellectual Freedom Lecture
Presenter: FLIF (Masha, Richard, Tara, and Madelaine will be heading to Jasper to share our student perspectives and discuss some of our current and future projects. We’re honoured to have the opportunity.).

G3 Libraries as LEEDers
Presenter: Gerry Meek

G6 Gender Expression: an Interpretation of the CLA’s 2008 Statement on Diversity and Inclusion
Presenter: Moyra Lang

G10 Open Access: What’s In It for My Library?
Presenters: Andrew Waller and Heather Morrison

H3 Sustainable Library Design: Attitudes for the Future
Presenter: Carmel Gatt

H8 Serving Socially Excluded Populations through Community Development Librarianship
Presenter" Amelia Martin

H9 Growing Your Library’s Resource Landscape
Presenter: Leeanne Morrow

H10 Advocating an Alberta Feed to CLA’s Annual Survey on Challenges in Canadian Libraries
Presenter: Toni Samek

We recommend that you try to catch these sessions if you can. Too bad so many of them overlap :( If there’s an ALC session that belongs on this list that we missed, please let us know by emailing flifblog @ gmail.com (without the spaces).

All the best to the presenters, their guests, and all conference-goers. See you in Jasper!