Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cubans blocked from popular blog

Ahh, blogs. Some exist solely as platforms for personal rants. Some help change the world.

This Guardian story highlights an interesting case in Cuba, where the communist country's most popular blogger has recently been censored by the government.

Until today the blog had been widely available, or at least available to those lucky few who could afford and find net access. While still available to the rest of the world, Cuban citizens can no longer access GeneraciĆ³n Y. The Guardian story notes that the blog was something of a "litmus test" for dissent in the country.


taxitalk said...

It's hard to find real freedom anywhere but here

FLiF said...

Thanks for visiting!
That's an interesting comment. What makes you say so?

Libarbarian said...

Librarians shouldn't engage in apostrophe abuse: Cubans not Cuban's!

FLiF said...

@librarian: Ah, well, some of us are still in training and haven't mastered apostrophes :D

Typo fixed :)