Sunday, September 07, 2008


It's election time in Canada again. Over the next six weeks we'll likely be bombarded with a lot of campaign spin on the issues the politicians want you to discuss. Whatever your affiliation and political leaning, no matter where you stand on the issues, we remind everyone to be media savvy, to go beyond the rhetoric, and to be critical about what the various parties are saying.

And get involved! Ask questions. Talk to friends and family. Email your candidates. Attend local debates. Press our representatives on the issues YOU want discussed during this election.

As of this posting, elections Canada has yet to update it's website with new voter information, so we can't yet provide you with official resources. Future FLIFblog posts will include more information on voting in our election on Oct. 14th.

Also, it's virtually impossible to ignore the election going on in the superpower next door. One of our colleagues recently shared a resource for those individuals holding dual citizenship who want to vote the the American election. If you hold US citizenship but are living abroad, you still have a right to vote in that election. Visit for more information, and to find out where to register.

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