Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Volunteers needed for Homeless Connect Edmonton

Hi folks,

With the summer winding down, FLIF is gearing up for another year of activity and activism in the library community.

The Greater Edmonton Library Association's (GELA) Community Bookshelf Subcommittee will have a table set up at Homeless Connect Edmonton to distribute free books to attendees.

All new and present FLIF members are invited to volunteer for the next event on Sunday, October 4th at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Volunteers are needed for both days of the weekend. The book drop-offs and set-up for Homeless Connect will happen on Saturday, October 3, while tabling and take down will happen on Sunday, October 4. Previous events have been very successful, and the more people we have, the more we can interact with the community. Plus, as we all know, the more the merrier!

Please join the GELA Community Bookshelf Subcommittee on Facebook and let Amelia know of your willingness to lend a helping hand, or you can either send us a message at flifblog at gmail.com or just show up at the inaugural FLIF meeting yet to be announced for September.

Thanks gang, and welcome back!

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