Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jessamine County Public Library Staff Fired Over Censorship of Graphic Novel

BoingBoing is reporting that two library workers at a Lexington Kentucky public library Jessamine County Public Library have been fired in response to an attempt to keep a copy of Alan Moore's graphic novel "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: The Black Dossier" out of circulation. The two employees collaborated to keep the book unavailable by keeping it checked out for over a year and then removing the hold when an 11 year old requested the book. Both employees have been fired and the library management are not commenting on the situation, referring to it as a personal matter.

Another article from THE BEAT has a slightly longer discussion about censorship in public libraries and where materials like Moore's graphic novel should be shelved.

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Non Librarian for Informational Accuracy said...

This didn't happen at a Lexington Kentucky public library. Two library workers were fired at the Jessamine County Public Library, which is near Lexington.