Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SLIS Forum for Information Professionals

Formerly known as "PD Day," the Forum for Information Professionals will be held at the School of Library and Information Studies on February 5, 2010. Grad students from the school will be presenting on a variety of topics, including Edmonton Public Library's Community-Led Model, library policies and gender identity, literacy initiatives for incarcerated mothers, Queer YA lit, and much more. For anyone interested in social responsibility and underserved populations this is the year for you!

Speaking of which, it's with loads of excitement that we can officially announce the "super secret special guest speaker" for this year's forum: Rory Litwin! Yes, that Rory Litwin, of Library Juice fame. Check out his blog as well as Litwin Books and the Library Juice Press, which cover topics such as:

* Information as a public good (and attendant political struggles)
* Privacy
* Government and corporate secrecy and disinformation
* Intellectual Freedom and Civil Liberties
* The Public Sphere and its decline
* International solidarity in information issues
* Print culture, web culture, visual culture, and the meaning of literacy
* The state of the library profession (issues of identity, work life, and
* IP: Information Policy, Intellectual Property
* The Information Society
* Information Ethics
* Social infrastructures
* The Decline of Civilization and the position in which it puts us as librarians

(from Litwin's blog).

Register right away!

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