Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Banned Books in the Wild

As part of Freedom to Read Week festivities, the Canadian Library Association Student Chapter and FLIF have released 12 banned or challenged books "into the wild" and are tracking them with Book Crossing. Among gems you might find sitting on a bus seat or in a certain downtown mall are Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five and Pullman's Golden Compass. This initiative is happening nation-wide as part of a communal mission to promote and protect our freedom to read in Canada.

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"Most Canadians probably don't even realize that on their own shelves sit challenged books. During Freedom to Read Week, your mission is to release challenged books all across Canada — on park benches, in coffee shops and in schools — as a way to mimic how challenged books are passed around, and to spread the word about challenged and banned books in Canada.

The Freedom of Expression Committee invites you to find a title you care about from our list of challenged literature and release it into your community. Perhaps your book will be picked up by someone in your community or maybe even by a foreign exchange student who will release it in another country — that's the beauty of this project and our hope for your freed book."

Keep an eye out, and register your captured book if you find one!

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