Thursday, February 10, 2011

FLIF Wrapping Party *Today*

Just a quick reminder that we will be having a wrapping party in Henderson Hall starting at 6pm today. We will be  wrapping up some choice romance novels in anticipation of our Pint of Romance event following FIP this Friday and there may be some v-day candy involved.
We have organized an informal get together at Lucky13 on Whyte Ave for this Friday evening. FLIF members and their guests are on the guest list until 10pm. Come on out to dance away some of the library school stress and receive the gift of a little love (in the form of some classic Harlequin titles) from FLIF. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see everyone there in their future librarian finest.

There is no cover if you arrive before 10pm - we're on the list as 'library school'

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