Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live Blogging from the FLIF Table in HUB

Our information table in HUB is up RIGHT NOW and I am blogging from the table in between chatting with people passing by. Stop by on  your way for a coffee today if you have a chance, we are just across from the InfoLink window in the passage between HUB and Rutherford Library.

Thanks to FLIF member Andrea Pflug for writing up this description of one of the activities happening at our table in HUB today and Friday from 10-3pm and huge thanks to all of the FLIF volunteers who put together this display and have given their time to sit at the table and promote Freedom to Read Week on campus.
Come "Stand Against Censorship". Those who visit the booth in HUB and participate will have the chance to enter to win some great prizes including hockey tickets! We have a designated Free Reading space beside the booth. We invite you all to drop by, read from a banned book, and enter to win.

What do I do?

Drop by the booth, and select one of the banned books from the table. Stand beside our booth, open up your chosen book and start reading aloud.

Reading aloud?! Eeeek!
There is no microphone or speaker system, so you won't be booming down the corridor. Your voice won't carry too far as the HUB be pretty noisy! The important thing is that you will be actively sharing, even if you can only be heard a short distance away. You don't have to do voices, use a puppet, or wave your arms around gesturing (although all of these sound like fun!). If you still feel nervous, try the buddy system! Stop by with someone else. That way you already have a built-in audience, and can read to that person.

How much do I have to read?

This is totally up to you! Some people may be interested in only reading a particular paragraph, while others may want to read a whole picture book.

Why should I participate?
Through 'Stand Against Censorship', we are hoping to actively share materials that have been suppressed elsewhere. We want to exercise our freedom to read, and encourage others to do the same. Plus, all of those who participate will be entered into a draw for some great prizes... Did I mention the hockey tickets?

I have a favorite banned book. Can I bring it and read from that?
Of course!

When are you running the display?
Wednesday and Friday (this week), 10 am - 3 pm.
We are located in the HUB, right by the entrance point (pedway) from Rutherford.

Help us celebrate Freedom to Read Week, and enter to win!
We look forward to seeing you Stand Against Censorship!

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