Sunday, November 04, 2012

Libraries & Hurricane Sandy

The Library Journal has published an article on how libraries in the path of Hurricane Sandy have been impacted by the superstorm. While part of the article discusses the damage to facilities and loss of power, much of the article speaks to the importance of libraries as open public spaces. According to author Sarah Bayliss, "[…] public libraries are unofficial but critical places of refuge for people during times of disaster." Libraries in New Jersey and New York have been providing the public with Internet access and a place to charge electronics. Many libraries have also added extra children’s programming and family movie viewings. The CEO of Queens Library has stated that staff members are on hand to "help people with any kind of FEMA applications and other services" that they may need in order to begin the recovery process.

In the aftermath of the superstorm, libraries have brought members of the community together. To find out more about how libraries have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, read the LJ article or view the School Library Journal's photo gallery.

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