Thursday, February 26, 2009

Banned books cafe and Journal story

I just got in from the Banned Books Cafe at EPL. This was another great event celebrating Freedom to Read Week. Members of the audience read from banned or challenged books, including some of our FLIF members. Thanks to Caroline and Ray for their efforts organizing this event, and for inviting us to join them. Thanks as well to EPL for hosting, and continuing to remind our community about the freedom to read.

Also, a story from today's Edmonton Journal was brought to my attention. It discusses Amin Amir, a Somali-born artist cartoonist now living in Edmonton. His political cartoons are read internationally, and their content would cause him no end of troubles in Somalia. It is in part because of the intellectual freedoms we enjoy here in Canada that Mr. Amir is able to continue his work. (Link here)

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