Monday, February 23, 2009

FtRW is here

In support of Freedom to Read Week, the UofA CLA Student Chapter and Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom (FLIF) are participating in this annual information campaign.

Members of our respective groups can be found in the HUB Mall pedway between 9am to 3pm each day this week.

Come learn more about Freedom to Read Week and intellectual freedom, buy some of our swag (we have buttons!), or simply check out the controversial material we’ll have on display.

With a minimum donation of $2, you're eligible to enter our raffle for an iPod Shuffle. All proceeds from the buttons and raffle will be donated to the Women’s Prison and Bissell Centre Projects sponsored by the Greater Edmonton Library Association. (For more information on these projects, please visit GELA's advocacy and outreach webpage.)

See you there!

Here's a quick shot of today's setup (with apologies for the poor image quality).

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Brianna said...

the table looks awesome!